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What is a Bankruptcy Lawyer

What is a Bankruptcy Lawyer? A Bankruptcy lawyer practices in the part of civil law that deals with state insolvency regulations and guides individuals and businesses through the process of discharging their debts and getting a fresh start financially. A bankruptcy lawyer is there to guide you in the process and helps you decide which options are best for you to get out of debt. There are different types of bankruptcies and your lawyer is there to help you decide what bankruptcy is best for you. For individuals, chapter 7 and 13 are the most common forms of bankruptcy filed and the average bankruptcy case takes about 3-6 months to close out. One of the first things your bankruptcy lawyer can do for you is to stop the harassing phone calls from your creditors.

What is a bankruptcy lawyer going to do to get you on the right track with your case?

There are eight basics necessary steps to a bankruptcy case. Your lawyer is going to make sure you fulfill your obligations to the court and follow the regulations that are set forth to properly complete your bankruptcy case. The first thing your lawyer will have you do is attend a mandatory credit counseling course, then he can draft your paperwork. You will need to provide proof of your income for the previous six months. The attorney will then determine which of your assets are exempt from the bankruptcy. He can then file the paperwork with the court. After attending a meeting with the trustees you will need to attend a finance class. This is when the final discharge of debts from the bankruptcy courts will happen.

It is important that all of these things happen in the proper order and at the right times for your case to be successful. That is why bankruptcy lawyers are so important to be sure that everything gets done on schedule

If you make a mistake what is a bankruptcy lawyer going to do to help fix it? There are many mistakes that a person can make when trying to take care of a bankru0ptcy themselves. Things like not listing all of your creditors. The lawyer will make sure that your credit reports are pulled and all of your creditors are accounted for. If the creditor doesn’t get accounted fro then it will not be dismissed and you will still be responsible for the bill. Sometimes people will try to hide their assets and transfer them to relatives or conceal them in some way. These are all considered fraud and can land you in a lot of trouble if you make the mistake of doing one of these things. Your attorney will keep you from making one of these possibly life altering mistakes and keep you on the right track.

What is a bankruptcy lawyer? He is the person that is going to help you change your life for the better by clearing up your debts and making sure that as many of your assets as possible are saved. He will keep you from making a mistake that may cost you even more money and even possibly your freedom.