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3 Ways a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Phoenix Will Help

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3 Ways a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Phoenix Will Help

Having negative accounts listed on your credit report is bad enough. They hang around for about 7 years and can make getting new credit very difficult. A court judgment, on the other hand, is a different monster entirely. Judgments do not fall off your credit report. They remain for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the debt remains unpaid. A judgment also allows creditors to pursue the debt in a much more aggressive way. If you have a judgment against you and you can't pay it, a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix can help. Following are three ways an attorney can help.

Stop or Prevent Wage Garnishment

With a judgment in hand, creditors can garnish your wages, which means they can pull money from your paycheck before you even get it. There are limits to how much they can take, but they are quite high. If your wages are garnished, you can lose up to 25-percent of your net pay. Once you hire a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer, however, all garnishments will stop. You will get your whole check back.

Reduce or Forgive Defaulted Debt

Once you owe someone money, you will always owe them money unless you make an arrangement with them to lower the amount owed. If you can't pay what they're asking or if you can't pay anything at all, you may be able to have the debt reduced or eliminated legally through the court system via bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, the creditor doesn't have to agree to the arrangement, which makes bankruptcy more attractive than negotiation for most people. The court decides how much you can pay or if you can pay anything at all. What's more, if the court grants your bankruptcy, the amount you owe all of your creditors, not just one, will be reduced or eliminated.

Improve or Restart Credit History

When you file bankruptcy with the help of bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, you will have a clean slate for a credit report; the judgment will be gone. You can make of it what you will. If you pay all of your bills and use credit responsibly, you will see a dramatic improvement in your credit rating in a short amount of time.

Collection actions for judgments are aggressive. If you have one against you, hiring an attorney and filing bankruptcy may be your only option to restore your financial stability.

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