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Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer

Atlanta is one of the top locations for business in the country-playing host to the corporate offices of Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Delta Airlines and Turner Broadcasting among others. Therefore it is not surprising that Atlanta was also home to many bankruptcies during 2010. If you needed an Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer in 2010 there were 403 Bankruptcy Lawyers to choose from out of the phone book. 15 of these belong to the prestigious Atlanta Bar Association. Atlanta is the County Seat of Fulton County and most of its 420,000 population lies in Fulton with some parts of the city extending into DeKalb County.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyers practice in the Northern District of the 11th Circuit. This Northern District has roughly five times the number of bankruptcy case filings of either of the other 11th Circuit Courts. This is a huge burden for the court system and reflects the poor state of the economy in Atlanta and in turn the nature of the economy in the United States as a whole. The statistics related to the bankruptcy filings in Georgia over the last few years clearly show why any of us might need an Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer in the future.

Despite the upbeat economic stories in the media, bankruptcy statistics for Georgia show a decidedly grim picture. For example, in 2000 the business bankruptcies in Georgia totaled just 1,012. This number had risen to 2,232 by 2005 but dropped again in 2006 and 2007 to 1,148 and 1,456. In 2008, the beginning of the recession, business bankruptcies in Georgia totaled 2,237. From March 31, 2009 to March 31, 2010 the business bankruptcy filings in Georgia totaled 2,929 with 2,131 of those cases in the Northern District of the 11th Circuit.

Personal bankruptcy rates in Georgia and Atlanta during 2009 and 2010 were no better. In 2009 Georgia ranked 4th in the nation for personal bankruptcies and 3rd in the nation for total bankruptcies. The total non-business filings in 2010 for Georgia numbered 73,780, with 50,359 of those filings occurring in the Northern District Court for Atlanta. 31,978 of these filings were Chapter 7, 29 were Chapter 11, and 18,352 were Chapter 13.

The bankruptcy statistics clearly demonstrate that there is an increase in bankruptcies even though the economy is supposedly getting better. These numbers show that many businesses and individuals who managed to hang on through 2008 and 2009 are finally filing bankruptcy. Moreover, the numbers reflect the lack of negative stigma now associated with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides individuals and businesses with a reprieve during which time they can restructure their debts and restructure their lives. Many businesses (Delta being a good example) come out of bankruptcy stronger and more competitive. For individuals, bankruptcy can allow them to keep many of their possessions intact. If your business or your personal debt is out of control it may be a good time to call an Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer for help.

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