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Bankruptcy Lawyer Mesa Arizona

You can get into financial trouble for a variety of reasons that are beyond your control. A long-term period of unemployment or a medical crisis can put you behind in paying your bills before you know it. Massive credit card debt is a chronic problem for many people. The calls from debt collectors, and the possibility of legal action can be frightening indeed.

Fortunately, the United States allows an individual, a married couple, or a business to seek relief from debts through bankruptcy. The types of bankruptcy and which if any of them best fit your situation are questions that a bankruptcy lawyer in Mesa, Arizona can best advise you on.

A variety of bankruptcies exist, depending on who you are and what your financial situation is. The two most important ones are Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy involves the restructuring of your debts to make it easier for you to repay them. Essentially the court evaluates your financial situation, including your income and assets, and arrives at a payment schedule. A Mesa bankruptcy lawyer will be able to negotiate with your creditors a mutually agreeable rate of payment.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the discharge of your debts. In this case, the court will be empowered to seize certain of your assets to allow for at least partial payment of your debts. A bankruptcy lawyer in Mesa, Arizona will be able to navigate for you through the complexities of Chapter 7 and which assets are applicable and which are not.

Other forms of bankruptcy include Chapter 12 family farmer or family fisherman and Chapter 13 individual debt adjustment. Chapter 13 is similar to Chapter 11 and applies to debtors who have a regular income, such as wages from a job, who could quickly pay back the debt through salary deductions for three to five years. Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 have a distinct advantage over Chapter 7 in that you can retain your assets, including saving your home from foreclosure to help pay your debts.

If you reside in the Mesa, Arizona area and are overcome with financial problems, feel free to contact your local bankruptcy lawyer for advice on how the law can work for you in freeing you from your situation.

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