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Concord Bankruptcy lawyer

Oh my god. How could I have been so stupid? I have no money left anywhere and my debt is over my head. Iâm drowning! I need help! I need to file bankruptcy!

If this is a scenario that sounds all too familiar to you, then you may be wondering where you can begin. Luckily, finding a good Concord bankruptcy lawyer is much simpler now than it was not even a decade ago.

First, what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? This is also commonly known as liquidation: where your non-exempt property (such as real estate and cars) are sold and the profits are turned into your creditors to help pay your bills. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is different from Chapter 7 in that Chapter 13 helps you to restructure your debts to pay your creditors in a timely manner.

The key to finding a good Concord bankruptcy lawyer-or any lawyer, period, is to do your homework. A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcies will have certification by the American Bankruptcy Institute. He or she will have experience in court and will do their best to try to represent you. Understand, however, that most of the time you will be meeting with a paralegal or a clerk and will not meet your attorney until the day of the hearing. To gauge his or her reaction, ask questions the day of your first meeting with your lawyer. Good questions include:

How many bankruptcies have you performed in the past year?
How many of those were personal or consumer oriented rather than business?
How will this procedure work?
If I am unable to work with you, whom will I be working with and may I interview him or her?
What is the time frame for this bankruptcy?

If your lawyer is unable to provide answers or give you answers that seem suspicious, then run in the opposite direction!

Be careful! If you live in New Hampshire, your Concord bankruptcy lawyer is required to present you with two conditions before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

A.    You must have gone to an accredited credit counseling provider at least six months before having filed bankruptcy; and
B.    You must take a debtor education course from an approved New Hampshire debtor education agency before you can obtain a bankruptcy discharge.

Secondly, a new law from 2005 also provides debtors with a means test before filing. Your income is calculated according to the average gross income for the six months prior to filing for bankruptcy. If it is below the state median, you are approved. If it is above, you may still file for bankruptcy according to Form 22a. More information may be obtained from

Any good Concord bankruptcy lawyer will be worth his or her weight in gold. Once you have found him or her, hang on to them because good lawyers, like good doctors and good mechanics, are very difficult to find. Click here (Bankruptcy Lawyer) and let us help you begin your search.