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These are unpredictable economic times. Some of us are affected by financial predicaments beyond our control.

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional decision to grapple with. It is not an alternative that is easily chosen, because we have pride in our accomplishments and our possessions. For some, we believe filing bankruptcy means flushing our pride and property down the toilet. But it's just the opposite. It's your right as a taxpayer to obtain a "clean slate." Bankruptcy exists as a financial lifesaver for people who deserve to stay afloat and rebuild their credit without denting their pride or lifestyle.

There are many myths about filing bankruptcy:

1. It will ruin your credit forever: No. Bankruptcy remains on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, while you can begin rebuilding your credit immediately.

2. You are an irresponsible person for filing bankruptcy: No! There are many reasons that over a million people a year file for bankruptcy. You should consult with your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer to learn more.

3. It's difficult to file for bankruptcy: No! Your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer will ensure a smooth process, and--like everything else these days--filing can be done electronically.

Below are some of the statistics and facts. Your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer would help you select the type of bankruptcy best suiting your needs, and explain the process in more detail.

Types of Bankruptcy:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay off debts via a payment plan; Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for a discharge of all debt.

You must wait 6 years before obtaining a discharge from Chapter 13. If you get a Chapter 13 discharge then you must wait 4 years for a Chapter 7 discharge.

Bankruptcy Statistics:

In 2010, more than 1,531,997 U.S. Citizens filed for bankruptcy, 57,000 of those in Texas. Each one needed a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to guide them through the process. The breakdown is as follows:

Chapter 7: 1,100,032
Chapter 11: 15,251
Chapter 12: 605
Chapter 13: 415,966

There are more than 1000 Dallas bankruptcy lawyers who understand your situation. You can stop collections immediately, keep your home, your peace of mind and financial privacy while rebuilding your credit.

After bankruptcy discharge, you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel confident that your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer came through for you in a professional, courteous way that did not add to your stress, but purely eliminated it.

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