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Filing for bankruptcy isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's the most effective way to bring relief to a heavy burden of debt. The Office of Administration of the U.S. Courts reported that more than 1.5 million people filed for bankruptcy between June of 2009 and June of 2010. Compared with the previous 12 month period, this is an increase of approximately 21%. The data also revealed that one million of these cases were for Chapter 7 bankruptcy; 400,000 for Chapter 13; and 1,800 for Chapter 11. This data is for the entire nation. For the state of Arizona, the statistics are even higher. If you are trying to find a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer, you can rest assured that you are not alone.

According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona, bankruptcy filings have shot up 30% over this past year. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings have the highest increase of more than 31.5% in just one year. This was followed by Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings which increased by 29.3%. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings had the smallest increase at 19.3%, however, this number is still a significant increase compared with statistics from the rest of the country. Surprisingly, the city of Phoenix was the biggest contributor to this increase. Because of this huge increase, it appears that it wouldn't be hard to find a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer who is well versed in specialized bankruptcy cases.

The Arizona Bankruptcy Court reported that the increase Phoenix contributed to the Arizona bankruptcy filing statistics amounted to the following:

- Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases: 17,000+
- Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases: almost 4,000
- Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases: 350+

Clearly, filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix is becoming the norm. With so many other Phoenix citizens relieving their debts by filing for bankruptcy, there is no reason why you should still suffer with the same debt when there are options out there. If you are looking to find a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer with experience in bankruptcy, it shouldn't be hard considering the recent surplus of bankruptcy cases in the past year. A bankruptcy lawyer with specific experience in bankruptcy filings would be helpful because they can offer you valuable information having been through the case before.

Phoenix is a big city with plenty of bankruptcy lawyers to go around. However, the increase in bankruptcy filings may create some competition for the best ones in the city. Not to mention, some lawyers are better than others when it comes to different cases. For example, if you are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy (as opposed to the more popular Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 types), there will be a shorter list of experienced lawyers to choose from. That's where we come in-- our team of experts can help you understand all of the details about different lawyers in your area to match you up with the best one for you.

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