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Nobody likes to give up, but unfortunately there are times when circumstances cause people to fall behind on their monthly payments. People are faced with job loss, high interest rates, collection call, judgements, and more. When the time come when it seems as if no relief is in sight, a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help.

Bankruptcy is not a dirty word. In 2010 nearly forty-three thousand bankruptcy cases were filed in Arizona alone. Over thirty-five thousand were Chapter 7 filings, the bankruptcy that removes the majority of debt, and nearly 7,000 more were Chapter 13 filings, where debt is restructured for payback over a longer period. With so many people struggling, Phoenix has 149 bankruptcy lawyers and law firms available to help those considering bankruptcy assistance in finding the right solution for them.

It's true filing bankruptcy does have its downsides. Those who file bankruptcy has that information on their credit report for 10 years after filing, and those filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be forced to prioritize their possessions, and may have to restructure their lives to a lower standard of living. However, to many this is a small price to pay, and chances are even without filing bankruptcy they will have to scale back quite a bit anyway.

For those who are already scaping by and living near the poverty level, there may be additional help with legal fees that a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers will be able to tell you more about. If you are drowning in debt, whether it is from poor choices or circumstances filing for bankruptcy can be a way to regroup and move forward, with a new claim on your financial independence.

Even with a bankruptcy on your record, there are often ways to secure bits of credit for emergency situations, and although 10 years may seem like a long time, it can often pass in the blink of an eye. Everyone deserves a second chance, and that includes you. Many lawyers and law firms will offer you a free consultation if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is something you are considering.

Life's road is full of bumps, but by learning from your experiences and reaching out for the help you need, you can overcome the obstacles in front of you. Make an appointment with a Phoenix Bankruptcy lawyer to see if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 makes sense for you.

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