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How Can a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me

It is not uncommon for one to get financially low to the point of getting bankrupt. Some of the reasons that may lead to this include credit card debts, medical bills, rent and the like. Because of this, one is unable to pay their debts and other bills either partially or in full. There are different ways in which a Miami bankruptcy lawyer can help you.

Help eliminate unsecured debts

Debts can lead to you losing your peace of mind. Fortunately enough, a Miami bankruptcy lawyer is there to help you. An experienced person will help you make the right decision after analyzing your earnings and expenses. If you had previously filed a bankruptcy case, the law gets into effect immediately the moment a petition is filed. This automatically prevents direct contact between you and your creditors starting from the date of filing the petition. No creditor will make claim any debts you owe them. The lawyer will be of great help in eliminating unsecured debts.

Secure your property

There is nothing as discouraging and bad to look at as seeing someone taking your property. Whenever you are bankrupt and there are many creditors you owe. You may even have a bank loan. Having a Miami bankruptcy lawyer will help you secure your property. The only option is to file a petition with creditors. They will charge you a little. Nobody would want to risk their $10 million property from being claimed by creditors or mortgaged when they can just file a petition and pay a small fee. A petition by a lawyer is, therefore, the only way to ensure that your property is secure if you are not in a position to pay your debts.

Securing your bank account and salary

Going to work daily with all your salary being claimed by creditors can be very demoralizing. You also need money to spend on basic needs. For these reasons, it is important to secure both your salary and bank account. A lawyer will analyze what you earn and help you recover financially by securing your earnings.

Through a Miami Bankruptcy lawyer, you will get the necessary help that you need to recover financially. Remember that you are not always alone and someone will always be in a position to help you.

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