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How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are in financial trouble and seem to be falling deeper in debt without getting anywhere, you may not know where to turn. You may feel like you are doomed to pay back any loans you have for the rest of your life, especially when you are dealing with credit cards that carry large balances. While the bankruptcy laws have changed in recent years, it can still work in your favor to find a bankruptcy lawyer. However, the question remains how to find the best one to help you.

Ask for Referrals

Most people know someone who has been through financial difficulties in the past. Even if you aren't sure if someone has actually filed for bankruptcy, it never hurts to ask. You may want to stick with the people whom you trust so you don't have to worry about everyone finding out about your financial difficulties. Once you find someone who has filed for bankruptcy, you can ask him which lawyer he used and whether he would recommend the lawyer.

Contact the State Bar

Your state's bar association is a great resource when it comes to finding a quality lawyer to help you with your bankruptcy case. The bar will be able to tell you if a lawyer has experienced difficulties in the court system or whether they come highly recommended. They will have a list of disbarred lawyers, as well as complaints that have been placed against the various lawyers working in your area, to help you find the right one.

Contact Other Lawyers

Whether you have used a lawyer for something else in the past or you happen to be friends with a lawyer who doesn't work in bankruptcy, you can contact other lawyers and ask for recommendations. Because the law field is often a tight-knit community, asking other lawyers who they would recommend can be a great way to find a bankruptcy lawyer who is one of the best in the field.

Schedule Consultations

Many bankruptcy lawyers will offer consultations so you can find out whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you and you can get answers to all your questions. Most of these consultations are free, allowing you to obtain advice without having to spend money, especially if you aren't sure you want to file. It is always best to consult with more than one lawyer to help you make the right choice. Ask about how much each one charges, what they can offer to you and the outcome they see for your case. Take notes and compare them later before you choose your lawyer.

The process you must go through to find a bankruptcy lawyer can often be extensive, but it is well worth it to ensure you make the right choice. Filing bankruptcy is something no one should take lightly. You need a qualified bankruptcy lawyer with the right experience to help you through the process so you can obtain the outcome you desire and get started on the road to financial stability.