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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer may be the best solution to a family drowning in debt. As people try to attain the American Dream they never consider the fact that the economy may shift, they may lose a good paying job, or extensive medical bills can create a situation where expenses far outweigh income. Filing for bankruptcy could be the answer to regaining your peace of mind.

A Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer will help walk you through the process and make the whole ordeal easier. Data obtained from the Admin Office of the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts noted 109,415 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases were filed in Los Angeles and the surrounding towns. Using this type of relief will eliminate medical bills, personal loans, unsecured credit card debt and even money still owed from a vehicle repossession. If most of your debt is protected by federal bankruptcy exemption laws - you will not lose anything by filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy lawyer will also be able to immediately stop the collection calls and garnishments and bring back your sanity. You are not the only person in this situation - there are 109, 414 other people just like you.

If you are looking for protection from foreclosure of your home - filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help you get your life back on track. There was a 35% increase in the number of Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed from 2009-2010. A total of 32,174 cases were recorded in 2010 which reflects the state of the economy and the desperation of many Americans. Contacting a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer will allow you to look at all of your options and create a plan that saves you and your family from the stress of a life full of debt.

The median income for a family in Los Angeles is about $48,617 while the current unemployment rate is about 20% or more. Primary bread winners who go from making a living wage and providing for the family comfortably may be faced with not only a large amount of debt, but also the inability to provide for basic needs like food and housing. Facing bankruptcy is never an easy decision, but when faced with the alternative it may be the only option. Before you find yourself in the statistics of the homeless - contact a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney to save the day.

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