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How difficult is it to find a dependable Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer attorney to meet my need, and not his pocketbook? Living in the Philadelphia area can be promising with the selection of attorneys. Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the nation. With a population of 1. 5 million people, there has been a lot of folks hit hard over the last few years. You can find one who cares for what you have lost, and may be able to bring some sanity to the situation. There were a total of 38,581 bankruptcy cases filed in 2010. This means that per 1000 people in any given city there was one case filed. In the city of Philadelphia that would mean about 1500 cases were filed.

What option would a good Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer offer you? According to the figure given earlier, 1065 cases were chapter 7 cases. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for a clean slate of all debts. But, is this the best option? The remaining figure would mean that there were 445 who filed chapter 13. Chapter 13 allows for the consumer to pay debts over a five year plan. This program may work best for the economy, and the consumer. When debts are not paid, the American consumer will end up paying for it in other ways.

A Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer can be found across the city. . With a selection of eighty-one names, one can be found who will not try and advise you to fill his pocket. Instead, a good Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer wants to help you get back on your feet. Philadelphia has had their share of the bankruptcies in comparison to the nations losses of 1,139,601 cases filed of chapter 7. And, 438,913 cases filed chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is never good for America. It doesn't only hurt a few. These statistics will hurt the American population for several generations if decisions are not made to get the economy back on its feet. But, when you need a Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer, you can find one who will help you make a wise decision.

There are no free lunches. As we hand down the United States to the next generation, our decision will effect the America where they will raise their children. A good Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer will help you make the best decision as you get through this economic jungle.

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