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Questions To Ask Your San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Questions To Ask Your San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer

Personal finance is a skill that all people need to master as they go through life. People need to be able to do things such as balance a checkbook, understand the terms of a mortgage and figure out how to budget and save money. In some instances, a problem may arise as a result of a shortage of funds. A person can be out of work for a long time, making it hard or even impossible for them to pay their bills. They may also face prolonged illness that causes the same fiscal issues. This is why it can necessary to file for bankruptcy. Part of the process of filing for bankruptcy is working with a lawyer. A San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can offer answers to questions about the entire process of bankruptcy from start to finish.

Before Filing

Even before filing for bankruptcy, a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can offer help. Many applicants are not even sure if they qualify for bankruptcy at all. Consulting with San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can help clarify such matters. The San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can also answer some very important questions about the type of bankruptcy that the applicant should file. Many people are unaware of the fact that multiple kinds of bankruptcy exist. Some kinds of bankruptcy will allow the person filling to keep many of their assets while other types may ask that the person facing bankruptcy give up many items they own including a house. The lawyer can help the applicant decide which particular kind of bankruptcy is right for their specific needs and personal financial situation.

During The Process

Once the process of filing bankruptcy has begun, the lawyer can help the applicant figure out what particular documents they need to file in the state of California. Such documents may include pay statements and marriage records as well as a list of the person's assets. The applicant should ask questions about the documents such as how many copies are needed. The process may also include appearing before a judge. A lawyer will help the applicant prepare for a hearing in advance by telling them what they can expect once they get into court. The lawyer will also explain what happens afterwards. An applicant should be prepared with questions such as how the filing will affect their job prospects and credit status.

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