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Vallejo Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many folks in the Bay area these days need to file for some sort of bankruptcy. Those seeking a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer are in luck because there are many qualified candidates that can assist those in need. There is no longer a reason to spend sleepless nights and days dodging phone calls and collectors at the doorstep. End this harassment legally and honestly by contacting a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer.

To understand what you need from your Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer, you must know about bankruptcy in general. There are two sets of interested parties in any bankruptcy filing. These are the creditors, or those to whom monies are owed, and the debtor, the person owing the creditors. Sometimes these debtors or creditors are individuals and other times they are companies or organizations. In many cases there are multiple creditors who are owed money, merchandise or services.

Filing for bankruptcy in order to reorganize finances is known as filing for Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. These are codes found in the federal bankruptcy legislation. When a company or a person files Chapter 11 or 13 it is usually because they have suffered severe losses for various reasons and they wish to reorganize their business or personal finances. When a person files it is because of a severe financial setback, and the individual is seeking to have debt forgiven. In either case a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer should be consulted as soon as the decision to file Chapter 11 or 13 is made. This is a tricky section of the law, where expert lawyer advice is necessary. A decent attorney can explain the benefits, as well as the difficulties, that will come about as a result of filing.

By far the most common type of bankruptcy dealt with by a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer is filings of Chapter 7 Title 11 (commonly referred to just as Chapter 7.) This is also part of federal code, and differs for businesses vs. individuals. Businesses are expected to liquidate all assets when filing Chapter 7. A trustee is appointed to oversee the business liquidation and to take a careful look at all aspects of the business. After the liquidation, trustees repay creditors from the proceeds. Most often the business then folds, although some employees may be retained and transferred to companies that purchase some or all of the bankrupting business. Trustee oversight is one of the important services performed by a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer.

Individuals filing for Chapter 7 are allowed to keep certain types of property. Other assets are usually liquidated, though a proper lawyer can reduce what must be liquidated. Not all types of debt vanish with a successful filing of Chapter 11. Filers should expect to still owe federal and state taxes not older than 36 months, child support and court mandated fines.

Individuals and businesses ready for a Vallejo bankruptcy lawyer should contact today in order to get their very own fresh start. Don't hesitate, is the best referrer in the business.