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Why Should I Use a Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Why Should I Use a Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer

When a company or an individual is buried hopelessly in debt, bankruptcy may be the only option left. It allows the company or the individual to be free of their debt and start over. It can help you get back in control rather than letting your debt control you. The best way to file for bankruptcy is via a Tamp bankruptcy lawyer. Here are the reasons why you need a lawyer by your side.

The Lawyer Helps You Determine if Bankruptcy is the Best Option.

A Tampa bankruptcy lawyer will help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is the best option. While it can seem that you have exhausted your options, there is always a chance that you have another option. Since you may not be aware of your options, a bankruptcy attorney can help you discover them. However, if bankruptcy is the best option, the attorney will not hesitate to advise you to do that.

The Lawyer Helps You to Choose which Chapter to File For.

A Tampa bankruptcy attorney will help you choose the bankruptcy chapter you should use. That way, the bankruptcy can be beneficial to you. For those with no income or no viable assets, chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually the best option. This absolves you of debt except for student loans, child support, and back taxes. For those that have a steady income and assets to lose, Chapter 15 is the best. It helps the individual restructure their debt. Depending on your unique circumstances, the lawyer will guide you in the right direction.

It Increases Your Chances of Your Claim Being Accepted.

A bankruptcy lawyer helps to boost your chances of success. Anybody can file for bankruptcy, whether or not he or she has a lawyer. However, the odds of success are better with a lawyer. Filing bankruptcy is a lot of paperwork, just like other court proceedings, if you do not follow proper procedure, you claim could be denied. The lawyer will handle the paperwork, which ensures that you will succeed. He or she has knowledge of the law and any updates that may have been made to it. Even if you have had success in the past, the rules may have changed.

Summary: In short a bankruptcy lawyer is your best bet for success. Not only does he or she save you time, the lawyer will also ensure you are not entangled in a legal mess.

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