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When you file for bankruptcy one of the first things that is supposed to happen is you are supposed to get an automatic stay when it comes to your bills. This is supposed to freeze collection efforts for most of your creditors whether you are filing a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy y, or a Chapter 13 reorganization of debt bankruptcy. But just because something is supposed to happen, doesn’t mean it will. And if you don’t have a tope bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the process, some creditors might have a difficult time getting the message that they need to leave you alone.

Some bankruptcy cases are easier than others.Upon analyzing your financial obligations it is fairly easy for a top bankruptcy lawyer to determine which type of bankruptcy works best for your situation. However, some cases can get more complicated. A person might be on the border between qualifying or not qualifying for Chapter 7. They may be living in a home that is on the verge of foreclosure and may need their case to move quickly in order to avoid losing their home. There may also be complicated tax debt that can be settled in some cases and cannot be settled in others. Bankruptcy and divorce also often go hand in hand. The average person may have a difficult time knowing what to expect in these situations, but a top bankruptcy lawyer can stay ahead of the game and prepare you for whatever challenges might come your way while filing.

There are some situations that start off seemingly straightforward, but get more complicated as they go. For example, someone might be in the middle of working through their Chapter 13 repayment plan and could lose their job or have a costly medical situation to deal with. Even if they initially filed on their own instead of working with an attorney, a top bankruptcy lawyer can help them work through the various bumps in their bankruptcy road.

Even when there are no snags in the bankruptcy case itself, it is still important to work with an attorney for many reasons. There may be people in your life that judge you for making the decision to file for bankruptcy, and a top bankruptcy attorney will be there for moral support and can help you explain to others why your filing makes sense. Often, they will also be able to identify financial decisions you have made and provide insight and education on which steps are wise when the time comes to rebuild your credit. They can also help you make a case for retaining some of your assets, or negotiating your payments with your bankruptcy trustee in the case of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy is a rare financial event for most people, and when it needs to happen it needs to be handled right, Don’t short change yourself by going through it alone. Talk to a top bankruptcy lawyer about how to make the best out of your situation and secure your financial future.

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