Find a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer 1 of 2

Life is a very trying time when you find that you have the need for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer. It’s terrible knowing that your situation has reached the level of last resort, the level where your debt versus income disparity has gotten so great that you need a bankruptcy lawyer. Not having the right lawyer to help you file your bankruptcy could cost you greatly. You could end up paying too much for the services of an unqualified attorney if you don’t do you due diligence and do some background research.

Check Their Experience

You don’t want an attorney fresh out of college with the ink still drying on their BAR license. You want someone that’s got a few years of experience fighting for the rights of people like you, people down on their luck. Find the right attorney and they will help you wade through the morass of laws, rules and restrictions and explain everything that pertains to your case.

Check with the local and the state BAR associations to see if there have been any charged filed against the license of any of the prospective attorneys you’re checking out. If they’ve been in business for several years, you can expect one or two complaints, nobody is perfect. However, you don’t want to see anything recent, and you definitely don’t want to see anything serious, something such as ethics violations.

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