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Check Past Record

Look into what sort of decisions the attorneys you’re looking at hiring have won in past cases. Have they been able to obtain most favorable repayment terms and been able to convince the bankruptcy courts to allow their clients to keep most, if not all, of their “stuff” — even the “stuff” that the bankruptcy is being filed for? You want an attorney that has a record of obtaining the most favorable judgments possible when it comes to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer. If you can, get as a handful of references from each attorney you’re considering and contact previous clients. When you contact these previous clients, have a list of questions that you want and need answers to ready to ask. Was their Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer able to get them low monthly payments and arrange it within the law to keep their “toys?”

Look for Favorable Payment Terms

One thing that will probably surprise a large number of people that are in need of the services of a bankruptcy attorney is that their services don’t come cheap. This is especially true of the attorneys that are good enough to get the best most favorable decisions. You want an attorney that is going to be fight for and win for you the right to keep your cars, home, expensive electronics, as well as the boat and jet skis. You want and need an attorney that knows about and can take advantage of every aspect of the bankruptcy laws that will help you.

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